Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things to do before the holiday guests arrive.

Here is a small list of items that should be addressed before the big holiday get together.

#1 Make sure all of your out door lights are working correctly. The winter season has the sun setting early and rising late so it is all most guaranteed the your guests with be out side your house in need of light.

#2 Make sure your door bell is operational. That awkward moment after pushing the button before deciding to knock isn't something you want to do to your guests.

#3 Fix sticking doors or doors that don't latch properly. No one wants their guests to feel unsure if the bathroom door won't stay shut.

#4 Fix running toilets. A "post-it" note with the phrase "jiggle the handle" just wont cut it this holiday season.

#5 Fix dripping faucets. A dripping faucet can be easily remedied or replaced. This is a part of your home that will be used and should be inspected to make sure its operating correctly before the guests arrive.

#6 Touch up painting. Simple way to hide those little imperfections that all of our house have.

#7 Change the furnace filter. Make sure your guests are receiving the best possible air quality.

#8 Draft proof the windows and doors. Adding weather stripping or adjusting thresholds on exterior door can block the draft thats makes your guests uncomfortable.

#9 Have Fun Lets face it the holidays are supposed to be about the enjoyment of your friends and family. Be relaxed and your guests will be talk of your hosting abilities for years to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Ken Geroux Construction

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